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Reports expire after 90 days - it is your responsibility to repost your report if your pet is still missing.

Lost  02/11/2020
Dog (Mixed/Mutt)

Name: Champion or "Champ"
Color: Caramel       Gender: Male
Collar: Nylon, Blue
Champ is a medium sized Husky Mix, intact male, Mostly caramel in colour with four white paws and a white patch on his chest, brown eyes, a bit skittish around strangers but otherwise very smart and friendly, loves the outdoors and the snow, and is very energetic, he has a dog tag attached to his blue collar with his name, address and tel# on it.
Location lost: 47 Cedar Street, Levack, Ontario
Contact: Please call Debbie or Eric at 705-966-0932 or return him to 47 Cedar Street, Levack, Ontario, no questions asked, reward upon his return.

No photo yet
Found  01/26/2020
Dog (Beagle)

Name: [not entered]
Color: Brown & White       Gender: Male
Young dog
Location found: McLean Rd., Markstay ON
Contact: Please Contact Rainbow District Animal Services for information on this animal, the animal is not at the Animal Shelter. 705-673-3647 or 1-800-836-6661.

No photo yet
Found  01/21/2020
Dog (Poodle)

Name: Unknown
Color: White       Gender: Male
Large Male labradoodle
Location found: I found the dog on mybback deck in chelmsford in the whitson garden neighbourhood. He is in hear and so are my 2female dogs so I can only bring him in for rough 10mi at a time because my dogs dont understand what's going on and their jealousy tendencies kick in. He is a very well behaved dog. Wase contact me at (705)561-0218. As it gets later in the night I am concerned for the dog.
Contact: Belinda Please callnor txt (705)561-0218

Lost  01/07/2020
Dog (Maremma Sheepdog)

Name: Bender
Color: White & Tan       Gender: Male
Collar: No collar
2.5yr old, unaltered male. White and tan in colour. Will bark at strangers but is very friendly and submissive.
Location lost: Old Hwy 17E
Contact: Renee Germain 705-207-2001

Lost  01/06/2020
Dog (Labrador Retriever)

Name: Jake
Color: White       Gender: Male
Collar: Nylon
Pure white
Location lost: Lost in Estaire.
Contact: Please call 705-929-5842 We really miss our big guy ?? ??

Lost  12/20/2019
Dog (Akita)

Name: Mister and missy
Color: [not entered]       Gender: Male
Two Akitas Black faces, white and tan bodies female 60 lbs is all tan on her back with small white area on shoulders, all white belly black rings on tan and white back legs . Male 80 lbs black face white and tan back , all white belly and legs
Location lost: 290 lowe street massey ont
Contact: Ron spillman 416 655 8308. 290 Lowe st Massey ont P0P1P0

Lost  12/03/2019
Cat (Domestic Short Hair)

Name: Oliver
Color: Orange Tabby       Gender: Male
Collar: Collar colour, Blue
Male 6 months old orange with white in his face
Location lost: Massey Ontario
Contact: 7058225932

No photo yet
Lost  12/02/2019
Dog (Border Collie)

Name: Butler
Color: Black       Gender: Male
Collar: Nylon, Black
Short haired black and white male dog. Has a collar on that is basic black with stripes. Face is quite grey.
Location lost: Left house on tube lake just east of the town of Spanish.
Contact: 705-844-1827 Home 705-542-6318 Cell

No photo yet
Lost  11/30/2019
Cat (Tabby - Orange)

Name: Unknown
Color: Orange       Gender: Male
Young and super friendly male cat, mostly orange with a light mix white on his face. His name is Kwazzi. He has a very fluffy tail.
Location lost: ValCaron on Macmillan street
Contact: Please contact me @ lil_lee-g@hotmail.com

No photo yet
Found  11/28/2019
Dog (Mastiff)

Name: Unknown
Color: White & Tan       Gender: Male
Collar: No collar
White and tan/orange dog.
Location found: Found around Dupont/Jean/Granite in Sudbury
Contact: call 705 929 2307

Lost  11/10/2019
Dog (Husky)

Name: Nanuq
Color: Blonde       Gender: Male
Blind in both eyes; left eye removed. 60 lbs. Blond/white. Male. 7 years old.
Location lost: Horseshoe Lake Road, Sudbury/Secord area
Contact: 7056900136



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