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If you have any trouble placing a report or need to  contact the Rainbow District Animal Shelter call 705-673-3647 or 1-800-836-6661 between 8:30 am and 6:00 pm.
Email: rdshelter@gmail.com
Reports expire after 90 days - it is your responsibility to repost your report if your pet is still missing.

Lost  11/11/2019
Cat (Tabby - Orange)

Name: Cheeto
Color: Orange Tabby       Gender: Male
Collar: No collar, not applicable
Not neutered Likes to nibble fingers
Location lost: Downtown college st area
Contact: 705-280-7049 249-878-9663

Lost  11/05/2019
Cat (Domestic Short Hair)

Name: SOX
Color: Black & White Mix       Gender: Male
Black and white. Soft fur. Has a hard on his nose. Really friendly cat.
Location lost: Val Therese, ON. Behind Pizza Hut. Probably got scared by the power outage and went running to house or under a shed.
Contact: Call 705-988-8336 at anytime of day if you have any information.

No photo yet
Lost  10/30/2019
Cat (Tabby - Grey)

Name: Fio
Color: Grey & White       Gender: Male
Grey tabby with white underside, feet, and part of his face. Little tabby patch on left side of his nose/mouth. Fluffy tail.
Location lost: Albinson St - west end
Contact: Call 705-923-3900

Lost  10/28/2019
Dog (Pug)

Name: Duncan (shelter ID 12314A)
Color: Beige       Gender: Male
Collar: No collar, not applicable
Beige with black face
Location lost: He left our house and took off we think so around Yocom drive espanola
Contact: 2896834348

Found  10/25/2019
Cat (Domestic Short Hair)

Name: Nixie (shelter ID 14245A)
Color: Beige, Black & White Mix       Gender: Female
Collar: No collar, not applicable
Location found: Government rd,Massey
Contact: The Rainbow District Animal Shelter for more information at 705.673.3647(DOGS) OR 1.800.836.6661

Lost  10/21/2019
Cat (American Shorthair)

Name: Dazzle
Color: White & Grey       Gender: Male
White and grey stripes American short hair
Location lost: 264 Watson ave espanola on
Contact: 705 936 6069 vanessa

Lost  10/20/2019
Dog (Terrier)

Name: Kiwi
Color: Blonde       Gender: Female
Collar: No collar
Kiwi is a medium small dog, around 20 pounds, she is very timid and skidish, she has long legs and big brown eyes, very playful when she likes a person.
Location lost: Aundeck Omni Kaning First Nation
Contact: You can find me on facebook at Gina Courtney, email me at ginalynn_91@hotmail.com or call at 7053482237

Lost  10/13/2019
Cat (Domestic Short Hair)

Name: Rusty
Color: Orange & White       Gender: Male
Collar: No collar
Orange and white
Location lost: Mead blvd area
Contact: 705936-7182

Lost  10/11/2019
Cat (Tabby - Grey)

Name: Silver
Color: Grey Tabby       Gender: Male
Large declawed long haired grey tabby (looks very grey). Very friendly and social. Needs medicated diet.
Location lost: Lockerby area near Macleod PS. Hasn't been seen since Friday night when he and another cat escaped. His brother came home, he did not.
Contact: Melissa 705 923-4205

Lost  10/10/2019
Dog (Jack Russell Terrier)

Name: Phoebe
Color: White       Gender: Female
Wiry fur mostly white with jack Russell color on the face
Location lost: 10:30 PM on Greenvalley dr.
Contact: 705 207 4474

Found  10/09/2019
Cat (Domestic Medium Hair)

Name: Melina (shelter ID 14217A)
Color: Tricolor Calico       Gender: Female
Collar: No collar, not applicable
Location found: Algoma,Webbwood
Contact: The Rainbow District Animal Shelter for more information at 705.673.3647(DOGS) OR 1.800.836.6661

Lost  10/07/2019
Dog (Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie)

Name: Ricky
Color: Black & Grey       Gender: Male
Might be a bit timid
Location lost: Copper cliff
Contact: This is my sister's dog her contact number is 705-207-0375

Found  10/07/2019
Dog (Labrador Retriever)

Name: Unknown
Color: Brown (Light)       Gender: Male
Collar: Collar colour
Super friendly dog, very calm
Location found: Found roaming in Chelmsford - mostly on Main St
Contact: 705-618-0611

Lost  10/04/2019
Cat (Domestic Long Hair)

Name: Zoey
Color: Black & Brown       Gender: Female
Collar: Collar colour, Red
Domestic longhair tortoishell female with green eyes and a cream patch on half her chest. Wearing a red collar. Likes treats and often will come when I shake the treat bag.
Location lost: Last seen in Gatchell area near Clemow Ave.
Contact: Denise @ 705-929-2404 (call/text)

Lost  10/04/2019
Cat (Maine Coon)

Name: Minou
Color: Brown       Gender: Female
Fluffy with bushy tail and super friendly, incision scar on belly.
Location lost: From our home in Nairn Centre
Contact: Nicole and Sierra 705-869-8009

Lost  10/01/2019
Cat (Bengal)

Name: Luna
Color: Mix       Gender: Female
Small cat. She's 1yr old but tiny for her age. She loves to hide in small dark places If she's scared she might hiss but she's harmless.
Location lost: New sudbury, lebel street/giant tiger area
Contact: Debbie 705.923.9119

Lost  10/01/2019
Cat (Domestic Medium Hair)

Name: Ozzy
Color: Beige & Brown       Gender: Male
Collar: Collar colour
Friendly cat, medium to long hair.
Location lost: Clear Lake Drive area in Espanola
Contact: 705-280-6950

Lost  09/28/2019
Cat (Bombay)

Name: Midnight
Color: Black       Gender: Female
Collar: No collar
Black cat with half a tail missing. Ran out of my house on saturday and got spooked and I haven't seen her since. She's declawed, 14, sick and definitely a house cat so I'm concerned :( She doesn't hear the greatest but could respond to a treat bag and the word "treats"! Her little brother and family miss her terribly.
Location lost: Chelmsford. 42 St-Joseph
Contact: Manon Duclos (705)521-5459 mduclos@idylwylde.com

Lost  09/27/2019
Cat (Tabby - Orange)

Name: Charlie
Color: Orange Tabby       Gender: Male
Collar: No collar, not applicable
Orange tabby with lighter orange marks under eyes and mouth, very friendly and loves to meow.
Location lost: My orange tabby Charlie has gotten out Friday September 27th in Espanola, ON. Last seen on second ave at 4:50 am. Very friendly therapy cat.. I would be devastated if he didn't come home. Has been an indoor cat since a kitten.
Contact: 705-920-8277 OR Facebook Jacob Matthews espanola

Lost  09/21/2019
Cat (Tabby)

Name: Holly
Color: Tabby       Gender: Female
Holly is a 12 yr old female short hair indoor cat. She is very affectionate but can be skittish. She is not declawed and is spayed. Mix of light to medium brown with some striping on her back and tail. Her tummy is light in colour. Possible weight of 12 lbs.
Location lost: She snuck out around 9:30 pm Sat Sept 21 when the door to our deck was open and we were coming in or out. We had been sitting enjoying our fire table, so it was very dark out and she must have been very fast! We miss her tremendously and have searched neighbours properties without any trace of her ??. Praying she comes home soon or if found here, we can be reunited :)
Contact: Sarah Mallory 705-662-5991

Lost  09/18/2019
Cat (Domestic Short Hair)

Name: Benji
Color: Black & White Mix       Gender: Male
Collar: No collar
Black and white cat with distinctive facial markings. Small black "moustache" and black chin. White band around back of neck. Chest and undercarriage are white. Black back. 1 year old in August. He's a large cat. Greatly loved and missed by his human and feline families. Not microchipped.
Location lost: Last seen Sept. 18th, 2019 on Santala Road, Lively (north of bridge). Posting here in case he's somehow in RDAS catchment area.
Contact: Call or text 705-665-3301.

Lost  09/15/2019
Cat (Maine Coon)

Name: onyx
Color: Black       Gender: Male
Long black fur(main coon) green eyes very gentle and nice cash reward if found$$$
Location lost: Morris street and howey drive area
Contact: 705-670-1090

Lost  09/14/2019
Dog (Rottweiler)

Name: Buddy
Color: Brown (Light)       Gender: Unknown or N/A
brown with black on his face
Location lost: wolseley bay area french river
Contact: joanne 705-898-1836

No photo yet
Found  09/12/2019
Dog (Dog)

Name: Unknown
Color: Beige & White       Gender: Male
Collar: No collar
Friendly male found with no collar. Black stripe on tail, brown eyes.
Location found: Found on Estaire road, near Dill lake road
Contact: 705-919-5695

Lost  09/11/2019
Cat (Colorpoint Shorthair)

Name: Cierra
Color: Black & Brown       Gender: Female
Cierra is a declawed, fixed female cat. Brown, black and amber hued short hair.
Location lost: Lost from St.Onge street in chelmsford
Contact: Megan at 705-690-9253 Michele at 705-855-4029

Lost  09/05/2019
Cat (Domestic Short Hair)

Name: Tucker
Color: Orange & White       Gender: Male
Chubby, name is tucker. White with orange spots. He is fixed, no collar.
Location lost: Trunk road in Spanish
Contact: cell#- 249-878-1852

No photo yet
Lost  09/02/2019
Dog (Hound)

Name: Spike
Color: Black Brown       Gender: Unknown or N/A
Collar: Nylon, Black
Lab hound mix Black tan and neutered. Black collar reflective boarder on it. Has a limp on left size ...lil bit over weight.
Location lost: Lost from the timmy's and gas station on Magnetawan First nation
Contact: Jamie 343-777-2587

Lost  08/30/2019
Dog (Boxer)

Name: Diesel
Color: Brindle       Gender: Male
Diesel is an 8 year old boxer. Very friendly to all people
Location lost: Hartley bay marina area
Contact: Ina house 519-589-9182

Lost  08/29/2019
Dog (Wirehaired Terrier)

Name: Molly
Color: White & Dark Brown       Gender: Female
She is 50lbs... brindle... wire-foxed haired terrier mix... 13yrs old
Location lost: Fen Rd... whitefish
Contact: 12498783445

Lost  08/28/2019
Dog (Labrador Retriever)

Name: Bailey
Color: Gold       Gender: Female
She is a small Labrador retriever. She is in heat and has large nipples. She is a very sweet girl
Location lost: She got loose from her rope at our cottage off of Spring Road and Hwy 6.
Contact: Please contact Lynne st 905.431.1711

Lost  08/27/2019
Dog (Shih Tzu)

Name: chico
Color: Black & White Mix       Gender: Male
Collar: Nylon, Red
hes a shiztu cross mix very friendly. 10 years old.
Location lost: he was taken from his home this evening on pine street at elm
Contact: his mommy winnie 705822 9821 or his auntie 705 562 5702

Lost  08/24/2019
Cat (Extra-Toes Cat (Hemingway Polydactyl))

Name: Tank
Color: Black & Brown       Gender: Male
Collar: Nylon, Blue
Very large grey/brown/black tabby with extra rows on each paw. Has some white on his chest and paws
Location lost: Albert St Sudbury ON He is sick and needs meds!
Contact: Heather 705-507-7640 or Dave705-919-0876

Lost  08/24/2019
Cat (Extra-Toes Cat (Hemingway Polydactyl))

Name: Tank
Color: Brown & Black       Gender: Male
Collar: Nylon, Green
Large Tabby with extra toes on each paw. He has white around his mouth, on his chest and paws.
Location lost: Albert St. Sudbury
Contact: Heather or Dave 705-507-7640 or 705-919-0876

Lost  08/23/2019
Cat (Siamese)

Name: Mittens
Color: Grey & Black       Gender: Female
Collar: No collar, not applicable
Grey and black. Blue eyes. Racoon like tail. 6 toes.
Location lost: Secind ave Minnow Lake
Contact: 705 562 7820

Lost  08/21/2019
Cat (Domestic Medium Hair)

Name: Magnum
Color: Grey & White       Gender: Male
Chubby grey and white 8 year old male cat.
Location lost: Espanola. Albert St.
Contact: 7058698898

Lost  08/20/2019
Cat (Domestic Short Hair)

Name: Jenga
Color: Grey & White       Gender: Female
Collar: Nylon, Black
She also has a partially shaved tail from vet due to an injury. Grey back, white belly,nose and paws.
Location lost: Queen Elizabeth St. Lively
Contact: 705 665 6129 Cell

Lost  08/19/2019
Cat (Tabby)

Name: Oliver
Color: Beige, Black & White Mix       Gender: Male
Small, a little chubby and is scared of everything. Extremely sweet and caring cat
Location lost: Sudbury south end. He is an indoor cat and has never been outside
Contact: Contact Sarah at 438-351-0473 or Ania at 705-923-6259

Lost  08/17/2019
Dog (Bichon Frise)

Name: Sadie
Color: Beige & White       Gender: Female
Bichon/miniature Shellie mix. 13 yrs old and deaf
Location lost: Garson area O’Neil Drive West. Last seen crossing hwy towards the pit
Contact: Lorraine 705-626-8458 Carter 705-507-6108

Lost  08/16/2019
Cat (Tuxedo)

Name: Bella
Color: Black & White Mix       Gender: Female
Bella is a small spayed female cat - 9 mos. old. She is not wearing a collar. She is microchipped. She is very affectionate and vocal.
Location lost: Ran from home-1299 Keast dr. near Laurentian University.
Contact: Marilyn Barbeau 7056181572.

Found  08/16/2019
Dog (Golden Retriever)

Name: Unknown
Color: [not entered]       Gender: Male
Very friendly. Seems fixed. No collar.
Location found: Found in coniston.
Contact: 705 521 5959

Lost  08/07/2019
Cat (Tabby - Grey)

Name: Boots
Color: Grey & White       Gender: Male
Collar: Collar colour, Black
Boots is friendly and social he has a black collar with a bell and a black spot on the back of his back paw.
Location lost: Capreol
Contact: Please call Dianne at 705.858.4146 or call/text Rennee at 705.618.7869

No photo yet
Lost  07/18/2019
Cat (Tuxedo)

Name: Kevin
Color: Black & White Mix       Gender: Male
He was a big 10 pd black and white cat, with a black mask over both eyes, black goatee, and solid black tail
Location lost: Burton Avenue/Frood Road
Contact: 7056181928



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