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If you’re looking for a pet to join your family, look no further than the Rainbow District Animal Shelter. A shelter for many dogs and cats who need homes. Come down and visit some potential pets. Adopting a dog or cat is fun and a joy, but it’s a responsibility too. Your intention of adopting a pet should be to provide a home for it all of its life.
Our Adoption Program:

  All animals adopted from the Shelter are spayed or neutered. Our rates are $160 for cats that need to be spayed or neutered and $295 for dogs that need to be spayed or neutered.  Dogs and cats that come into our care already spayed or neutered are offered at the discounted rate of $60 for cats and only $120 for dogs.  From time to time the Shelter offers further discounts and will sometimes waive adoption fees altogether for special events or senior or special needs animals.    

   All animals will receive their first (and sometimes second and third) vaccinations and be checked for parasites. We feel these rates are competitive and when all the costs of vaccinations, treatments and maintenance of the animals is taken into consideration, is actually cheaper then getting a free pet.  

   All pet owners residing in jurisdictions we service are still required to purchase a licence which varies between $10 and $20 (for altered newly acquired pets) depending on the age of the applicant and where you live.  
When you take home a pet, here are a few things you should remember:

-The dog/cat must wear a valid licence at all times.
-The dog/cat must be treated humanely and be cared for at all times.
-The dog/cat must be treated as a house pet and member of the family; it should not be chained, tied or confined to a pen, run, or other enclosure all  the time.
-The dog/cat must never be released for medical or veterinary experimentation,  or permitted to be used for breeding purposes.
-You will ensure that the dog/cat receives annual vaccines and any other veterinary attention that it requires. You must be prepared to deal with these financial obligations.
-You will allow Rainbow District Animal Control & Shelter Services to follow up for the purpose of ensuring that the terms and conditions of this agreement have been upheld. If you fail to meet the terms of this agreement, Rainbow District Animal Control & Shelter Services may take custody of the dog/cat.
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We understand that it may not always work out. We will always accept our animals back, however keep in mind:

-Adoption fees are only refundable for 72 hours.** If the animal was spayed or neutered on your request, these costs are not refundable!
-We will take in any animal adopted either from the shelter or from Small Things Cats, or any of our offsite adoption centers for no additional fee for 30 days after the adoption. After 30 day we will ask that you pay a surrender fee:

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All dogs and cats suitable for adoption are put up for adoption and kept until such time as they find forever homes or are accepted into a rescue program. We work with over 15 dog rescue groups across the province!
-The Rainbow District Animal Control & Shelter Services accepts no responsibility for the present or future condition of the animal, or any actions of the animal while in your care. We will not reimburse adopters for any expenses occurred while the animal was in your care.

Fees:The adoption fee range from $60.00 to $295.00 This fee may be increased to off-set costs the shelter has incurred during the dog's stay. The adoption fee generally covers the cost of the animal being spayed or neutered, required vaccinations, microchip, and other veterinary costs as required.

If you are a resident of one of the communities where we are responsible for animal control you will be required to purchace a licence. If you reside outside our juristiction you will need to aquire a licence from your local government.

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