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Animal overpopulation is the most readily identifiable reason for unwanted and stray animals. More importantly, unwanted and stray animals are, as a rule, neglected, suffer needlessly and eventually succumb to fatal illnesses or accidents. Spaying or neutering your pet is an important and responsible means of managing pet overpopulation.We can change this by working to make the City of Greater Sudbury a "no-birth" city. The only way to stop the suffering of the innocent victims of companion animal overpopulation is to prevent their births through sterilization efforts. We can become a "no-kill" city by becoming a no-birth city. Why? Every last one of the animals at shelters, the streets, alleyways, fields, basements, and back yards in our city could have been prevented through spaying and neutering. Every single stray cat, every neglected dog, came from an animal who wasn't spayed or neutered. 

   The City of Greater Sudbury Council is doing their part. Upon receipt of a Dog/Cat License residents of the City of Greater Sudbury may apply for a spay/neuter voucher at one of the City of Greater Sudbury Citizen Service Centers or Public Libraries. The voucher (subject to availability) entitles the bearer to a discount of up to $115 for females and $65 for males at participating local veterinarians.

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If you haven't yet sterilized the animals with whom you share your home, do so today. If you think that you can offer your home to an animal and provide for his or her needs for 10 to 15 years, please check out our adoption pages and visit the shelter now because there are many there who are waiting for you. Adopt two compatible animals so that they can keep each other company.

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