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Reports expire after 90 days - it is your responsibility to repost your report if your pet is still missing.

Lost  10/04/2021
Cat (Domestic Short Hair)

Name: Charles
Color: Black & White        Gender: Male
Collar: No collar, not applicable
Medium size cat, black and white colouring. Older male (15yrs), slim build, no collar. Friendly and affectionate demeanour.
Location lost: South End - Mist Hollow Dr./Mallards Landing. Charles is missing since the evening of Monday October 4.
Contact: Please help us find Charles! Please advise the Kendall’s @ 96 Mist Hollow (705-562-6655) if found. Or [email protected]

Lost  10/03/2021
Cat (Abyssinian)

Name: Isis
Color: Grey & Beige       Gender: Female
9 year old Abyssinian cat. Very active and affectionate. No collar or microchip.
Location lost: Ester street, Sudbury South end
Contact: [email protected]

Lost  10/03/2021
Cat (Domestic Medium Hair)

Name: Falcon
Color: Grey & White       Gender: Male
Grey and white cat named Falcon. Falcon is an indoor cat and has never been outside, no collar
Location lost: Lost on Notre Dame st West in Azilda between Leo and Rayside st
Contact: Lynn 705-562-4684 Greg 249-878-0428

Lost  09/23/2021
Cat (Tabby - Grey)

Name: Jasper
Color: Black & Grey       Gender: Male
Yellow eyes, long fur with a brownish grey and black tabby pattern, and a very fluffy tail that has a black tip
Location lost: Lost around the Lasalle and Lansing area 3 months ago, we are still looking for him
Contact: (705)507-2320 , day or night if you think you’ve found him please feel free to message me

Lost  09/19/2021
Cat (Tabby - Brown)

Name: Jasper
Color: Brown & Black       Gender: Male
Collar: No collar, not applicable
Small cat, long and lean body, long hair and puffy tale, brown, black and beige multicoloured hair with green eyes.
Location lost: Last seen in the backyard of 23 Shedden Avenue around dinner time.
Contact: If seen please call me (Alyssa) at (705)989-6668.

Found  09/14/2021
Dog (Akita)

Name: Unknown
Color: Black & White        Gender: Male
Collar: Collar colour, Black
2 dogs either huskies or akitas
Location found: Whittaker st
Contact: 705-562-2925

Lost  09/08/2021
Cat (Domestic Short Hair)

Name: Jane
Color: Black       Gender: Female
Collar: Collar colour, Turquoise
Smaller cat, all black with a few white hairs. Friendly, vocal, likes kids. Collar has tag with name/address/phone#.
Location lost: Eyre and Brady in the West End
Contact: mike 705-521-2918 [email protected]

No photo yet
Lost  09/08/2021
Cat (Domestic Short Hair)

Name: Orion
Color: Beige & Black       Gender: Male
Collar: No collar, not applicable
Super friendly cat will come when his name is called. Please if you have seen him contact us ...our hearts are broken
Location lost: st pothier rd Whitefish
Contact: [email protected]

Lost  09/03/2021
Cat (Tabby - Brown)

Name: Gabby aka Cutie
Color: Black & Brown       Gender: Female
With white on neck and belly, fluffy, green eyes
Location lost: Downtown - Mead Blvd. Espanola ON
Contact: M. Beaupre 705-869-5070

No photo yet
Found  08/30/2021
Dog (Doberman Pinscher)

Name: Unknown
Color: Black & Brown       Gender: Male
Collar: Chain
small pincher male
Location found: Hwy 540 Little Current, just outside of town
Contact: 705-348 2315

Lost  08/28/2021
Cat (Calico)

Color: White, Black & Orange       Gender: Female
Collar: Collar colour, Yellow
White coat with orange and black spots, two distinctive black spots above both of her nostrils
Location lost: Missing from Notre Dame St West on approx 5:00pm August 28th
Contact: 7059180003

Lost  08/28/2021
Dog (Labrador Retriever)

Name: Penny
Color: Yellow       Gender: Female
Collar: Nylon, Blue
8 month old Yellow Lab. Wearing a blue collar. Microchip number 956000007533364
Location lost: Hwy 539 north of Warren near deer creek.
Contact: Shawn or Charlotte Jantzi. 7055077984 or 7059671347

Lost  08/27/2021
Cat (Domestic Medium Hair)

Name: Ella
Color: Orange & White       Gender: Female
Pretty orange and white medium to long hair cat answers to Ella.
Location lost: Robinson street/Strathmere Court
Contact: 7052888878

Lost  08/24/2021
Cat (Domestic Short Hair)

Name: Buddah
Color: Orange & White       Gender: Male
Orange and white cat lost yesterday. It escaped from the house on Grandview.
Location lost: Grandview - Montrose Mall area. New Sudbury.
Contact: Taylor 705 918-5707 Jodi 705 918-4733

Lost  08/24/2021
Cat (Domestic Short Hair)

Name: Chloe
Color: Grey & White       Gender: Female
Petit grey and white female indoor cat. 11 years old. She has always came back the few times she's gotten out. My kids accidently let her out and she never came home. We are very worried about her.
Location lost: South End Guhbawin co-op / St Charles lake Rd / Harley Davidson area
Contact: 705-918-4419

Lost  08/23/2021
Cat (Bombay)

Name: Jake
Color: Grey       Gender: Male
Collar: No collar
Overweight Grey Bombay with Green Eyes
Location lost: Lost In Levack on the left side of 1st avenue N. halfway down the street- Has been seen on church street and high street in Levack previous to going missing.
Contact: Email : [email protected] Cell 17052050883 Thanks Kara

Lost  08/22/2021
Cat (Tabby)

Name: Peanut
Color: Black & Brown       Gender: Male
He is very friendly and affectionate he has a knot and a patch of hair trimmed on is back by his tail. He has bad eye sight in one eye. He has a belly!! He had some weight to him when he left home as he LOVES His food
Location lost: Bancroft minnow lake/ third avenue in Sudbury
Contact: Allishia blair (fur mommy to my boy) 705-507-9742 [email protected]

Lost  08/20/2021
Cat (Tuxedo)

Name: Sylvester
Color: Black & White        Gender: Male
Collar: No collar
Black and white tuxedo cat with big green eyes
Location lost: Mead Blvd. Espanola by the fire hall
Contact: Chantale Gaillard 2498782660 [email protected]

No photo yet
Lost  08/17/2021
Cat (Tabby - Brown)

Name: Chewy
Color: Beige & White       Gender: Male
Ling haired but recently had a lion looking cut..puff on end of tail. Tried colored beige brown and white
Location lost: Espanola
Contact: Call 705-862-1265

Lost  08/16/2021
Cat (Russian Blue)

Name: Smoky / Mr. Grey
Color: Grey       Gender: Male
Collar: No collar
Smoky is a big kitty. He’s kinda grumpy and a bit shy, so if you see him please call. He’s grey all around and has huge blueish grey eyes. He has a medium sized birthmark under his chin and little tufts of white fur under his chin as well.
Location lost: He snuck out on Bois Street in Espanola, He’s most likely around that area. We called, shook treats, drive around for hours. If you spot him please call immediately. If possible, open up some wet cat food just to get him to stick around. He does love food. Please help us bring our baby home. We are all worried sick.
Contact: Kimika Johnson Please call or text : 705-923-9095 Daniel Jackson Please call or text: 705 923 3274

Found  08/09/2021
Cat (Domestic Medium Hair)

Name: Paisley (shelter ID: 15205A)
Color: Grey & White       Gender: Female
Collar: No collar, not applicable
Location found: [not entered]
Contact: The Rainbow District Animal Shelter for more information at 705.673.3647(DOGS) OR 1.800.836.6661

Lost  08/06/2021
Cat (Tabby - Orange)

Name: Winston
Color: Orange       Gender: Male
Collar: Harness, Black
Very friendly, loves the outdoors.
Location lost: Lost in Wellington Heights area. Near Riverside.
Contact: Jen 7052070315

Found  08/04/2021
Cat (Domestic Long Hair)

Name: [No Name] (shelter ID: 15192A)
Color: Black       Gender: Female
Collar: Leather, Red
Location found: Shedden, Spanish ON
Contact: The Rainbow District Animal Shelter for more information at 705.673.3647(DOGS) OR 1.800.836.6661

Lost  08/01/2021
Dog (Terrier)

Name: Paco
Color: Tan       Gender: Male
Collar: Nylon, Blue
Approximately 12 pounds. Short hair. Has a bow tie on his collar. Will come to his name or if you ask him if he wants to go for a car ride
Location lost: Area of 21 Draper Street East in Little Current.
Contact: Jayne Summers 613-888-2775 [email protected]

Lost  07/31/2021
Cat (Nebelung)

Name: Arlow
Color: Grey       Gender: Male
Long-haired grey cat - was 20 Lb when he went missing - up to date in all vaccinations, etc. Missing two nails
Location lost: Lost from Kenneth Drive in Val Therese
Contact: Cairin [email protected] 705-451-0212 705-662-5781

Lost  07/31/2021
Cat (Tabby - Orange)

Name: Jeffery
Color: Orange Tabby       Gender: Male
Big orange tabby
Location lost: 581 byng street (off lorne)
Contact: 705 988 0862

Lost  07/30/2021
Cat (Tabby - Brown)

Name: Bria
Color: Brown       Gender: Female
Collar: Collar colour, Pink
1 yr 2m old mixed brown/beige tabby, greenish/yellowish eyes. Pink collar with pink/sparkley name tag. Small cat for age.
Location lost: Second Avenue Espanola area. Spotted Albert, Avery, Adelaide area.
Contact: 7056986880, cell.

No photo yet
Lost  07/26/2021
Cat (Maine Coon)

Name: Chester
Color: Grey & White       Gender: Male
Collar: No collar, not applicable
Long haired, bushy tail, neutered Gray with white bib/mane White paws Very friendly
Location lost: Castle Street Area, Massey He does hunt so if you find mice or birds he may be around
Contact: Chantal Jerome 705-207-3379 Marty Russell 705-923-8099

Lost  07/24/2021
Dog (Labrador Retriever)

Name: Woody
Color: White       Gender: Male
Collar: N/A or unknown
Has one blue eye and one brown eye, his left ear permanently flops over as part of it is missing from an old injury.
Location lost: Sudbury Donovan Area Near Melvin and Kathleen
Contact: Daniel Couldwell 6475223351 Laura Lewit 4039785288



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