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Found  01/10/2021
Cat (Domestic Short Hair)

Name: Dusty KitKat
Color: Black       Gender: Male
Average sized approx 5 year old male neutered cat, yellow/ green eyes, nervous but good with people
Location found: Espanola
Contact: Gray Street Veterinary Services

Found  01/03/2021
Dog (Blue Heeler)

Name: Unknown
Color: Beige & Black       Gender: Male
Collar: Nylon, Blue
Very skinny for the breed. Extremely calm demeanour!
Location found: Tim hortons and Wendy’s in mckerrow tied to a pole.
Contact: Lora Wahamaa 7056183995

Lost  11/24/2020
Cat (Tabby - Grey)

Name: Rebel
Color: Grey & White       Gender: Male
3 year old cat lost
Location lost: 4610 Lafontaine in Hanmer
Contact: Brian 7056699170

Lost  11/19/2020
Dog (Pit Bull Terrier)

Name: Penny
Color: Tan       Gender: Female
Collar: Choker Collar, Pink
Med in size, is a mix of pit bull and mastiff, tan in colour with white patch on chest, 2 year of age, very friendly but can be startled by new people
Location lost: She ran out of house at 9-930 pm and chased something across the highway by the azilda and Chelmsford sign on highway where the towns meet
Contact: Chelsea lepine 7059201575

Lost  11/19/2020
Dog (Shetland Sheepdog Sheltie)

Name: Motley
Color: Beige & Brown       Gender: Female
1 blue eye and other half brown and blue , she has a fair size over bite approx 35 lbs spayed and mirco chipped
Location lost: Mchigeeng
Contact: James Howcroft 705 282 4603

No photo yet
Lost  11/17/2020
Dog (Labrador Retriever)

Name: Tucker
Color: Brown       Gender: Male
Chocolate lab.
Location lost: Got out of yard on Brunet E. Azilda. We know he was hit by on Notre Dame by club Age D'Or but he got up and ran through houses back toward Poulin. Have not seen him or heard of any spotting since.
Contact: Becky (705) 665-6118 Ryan 669-9570

No photo yet
Found  11/04/2020
Dog (Shepherd)

Name: Unknown
Color: Black & Brown       Gender: Male
Looks to be about 3 months old mainly black with brown chest and paws. Might be shepherd mix.
Location found: Was found in Chelmsford tied to a tree in the bush
Contact: Willing to provide him with a good home if owner not found. Call 7058554364

No photo yet
Lost  10/26/2020
Cat (Domestic Long Hair)

Name: [not entered]
Color: Orange       Gender: Male
Collar: Harness, Red
20 lbs 6 years of age gold eyes red harness very large long cat.
Location lost: Walford,Walford
Contact: Irene 705-844-2363

Lost  10/25/2020
Cat (American Shorthair)

Name: milo
Color: Beige       Gender: Male
He is 3 years old very friendly was with other outdoor cats in Warren Pinepoultry Rd but then one day he and all other cats were gone idk if they went to a farm down the road I know our outdoor cats do that so maybe he followed because there is also no signs of cat fights or animal attack and we just don't know where they are please help we miss him and the outdoor cats very much he is also nurtured
Location lost: Last Seen September 25th, 2020 in Warren Ontario.
Contact: 7054982812

Lost  10/19/2020
Dog (Pit Bull Terrier)

Name: Syka
Color: Brindle       Gender: Female
Collar: Collar colour, Purple
11 week old American Bully puppy, large bone structure especially in front legs, with small white patch on chest only
Location lost: Was lost at 137 Charette Avenue in Chelmsford around 630pm last night. I'm working out of town in Timmins and she was at the puppy sitters when this happened.
Contact: 705 662 2517 [email protected]

No photo yet
Lost  10/18/2020
Cat (Tabby - black)

Name: Salem
Color: Black       Gender: Male
Collar: Orange, Orange
Black cat with white patches on chest and stomach and the smallest amount of white in his armpits. 1 years old, neutered. Green eyes. Orange collar.
Location lost: Charlotte street, off of Martindale and mcleod by regent.
Contact: 705 690 0147 or [email protected]

Lost  09/15/2020
Dog (Boston Terrier)

Name: Simon
Color: Black & White Mix       Gender: Male
Collar: No collar
Location lost: Espanola Ontario
Contact: Mark (705)869-7028



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